Privacy Policy

1 Henley Offshore Group (HOG) holds personal data for three types of individuals:-
a. Members (Appendix 1)
b. Friends (non-members) (Appendix 2)
c. Speakers (possible and actual)

2 The data is held for membership management and to inform those Friends who have been to meetings and wish to be kept informed of future events. It is also used for liaison with actual and possible Speakers at the Groupís events.

3 The data is held in two locations Ė for members only a spreadsheet held by the Membership Secretary on a USB stick to be updated as necessary. For each Member all the data on the form in Appendix 1 which has been provided is held in the spreadsheet. For Members and Friends the email address only (no other data at all) is held in an online email service provided by Dreamhost.

4 Both forms in Appendices 1 and 2 include sections where the data subject provides their consent for their data to be processed in the manner described in this document.

5 The spreadsheet data is only accessible by the Membership Secretary and is not held online.

6 The online data can be used by the Committee to contact members and Friends but can only be seen and updated by the Committee Member responsible for its maintenance.

7 The Treasurer maintains a spreadsheet detailing payments received from Members. It also contains the names of anyone to whom payments have been made and the amount on behalf of the group.

8 The email system may be used to notify Friends and Members about forthcoming events. It may be used to notify Members but not Friends about events of interest at other local groups. Individual Members may be contacted by email for subscription management purposes and other Group related activities.

9 The data held is not shared with any other third party bodies or organisations unless the Group were to be compelled to do so by law.

10 A copy of this document is available on the Groupís website under the Privacy heading.

11 All emails sent to both Members and Friends invite the recipient to advise the Group if they no longer wish to receive emails or if they wish their data to be deleted.

12 Members or Friends may advise the membership Secretary of any changes to their personal data (in particular their email address) and the stored data will be updated accordingly.

13 If a Member resigns from the Group their data would be removed from the email list but for financial record keeping purposes would be retained in the Membership Spreadsheet until the end of that Membership year.

14 Upon request from a Member or Friend they would be provided free of charge with a copy of the data which is held about them.

15 In the usual course of correspondence with Members and Speakers, names, email addresses and postal addresses may be held on the Committee memberís computer system.

16 The specific technical solutions outlined in this document may change from time to time as different more efficient solutions become available. The principles of how the data is processed and by who it can be accessed will not change.

17 This policy will be implemented in May 2018 at which time all Members and Friends will be emailed and given the option to no longer receive emails about the activities of the Group.