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two masted yacht in the Solent

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April 10th 2017

Along The Cape Horn Road

Image of Chris Roche at Sea

Waving the flag for Britain in the autumn of 1991 Chris joined the traditional square rigged sailing ship Søren Larsen with 33 others in the crew to take aim at Cape Horn. This talk illustrated with colour slides taken on that voyage tells the story of how this little 150 ton brigantine sailed the great expanse of the Southern Ocean, where some way into the 7000 mile expanse of seemingly endless sea you are as a sailor the furthest it is possible to be from land on the planet.

Website:- International Association of Cape Horners

Chris Roche

He tells how they celebrated the loneliness, the lime juice ceremony, paying off the dead horse 30 days out, arrival off Cape Horn in a force 6 and then destination Falkland Islands.

Singers sing about this place, Chris was there and square rigged at that, in the first British owned and registered square rigger to make the Horn in 55 years. Then blow me again in 2015 he went again this time in Europa he may tell of that or of crossing the line should there be time in a 60 minute show.

Chris Roche is a now 70 year old who in his youth met the late great Stan Hugill the then last living Shantyman who shaped him into the man he became. Chris was born at Folkestone where he first saw tall ships from the hills above the town when he saw what was the square sails of the first tall ships race that would have been 1956 and perhaps even Sørlandet a ship he later sailed the Atlantic in was one of them. Chris went to sea to find out how the songs might have worked when heaving and hauling on lines and capstan bars. In real life he was a plumber another affinity with water. He is also the editor of the Journal of the IACH 'the Cape Horners' a volunteer post he has held for thirty six years.

Preliminary program


Subject To Change

09 October 2017
Bob Garrett – To the Baltic and back in one season

13 November 2017
AGM – Stuart Wood on The Daniel Adamson story

11 December 2017
Mike Austen – The Liberdade - tales of Joshua Slocumb

08 January 2018
Technology Update (Charles Tollit) and Robert Fitzroy (Ian Simpson)

12 February 2018
Peter Bruce – Heavy Weather Sailing

12 March 2017 – TBA

10 April 2017 – TBA

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Henley Offshore Group Rally

May 7th and 8th 2016

Island Harbour

stern view of yachts moored in Island Harbour Marina

Andante, Freya, Karvinen, Taiva and Vivace moored on B pontoon at Island Harbour.

The club's 2016 rally took place over the weekend of May 7th and 8th and was held at Island Harbour on the upper reaches of the River Medina at Cowes on the Isle of Wight. For more pictures from the weekend Click Here

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Not many of our members can genuinely claim to have been involved in racing as dramatic as this, but we can all dream, so why not come along.